Service and guarantees

Warranty and post-warranty service

Warranty / service maintenance and, if necessary, repair of equipment is carried out by Makk Vision specialists with the involvement of official service partners upon request. In the event of a warranty event (for example, a malfunction of the equipment purchased by the company) within the period stipulated in the contract documents, the company's representatives will perform diagnostics and repair of the equipment, if necessary, with the involvement of specialists.

Online and offline support

The company undertakes to eliminate product malfunctions during the entire warranty period if the Customer complies with the product's operating conditions in accordance with the operating instructions and warranty service rules. Remote technical support provided via instant messaging tools such as phone, mail, etc. is applicable for technical problems, including, but not limited to, problems connecting the signal cable and power cable, problems installing and configuring system software, and problems replacing the module, power supply, and receiving card.
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