The best visual experience
Reliable and stable
  • Pixel pitch: P 0,6 / P 0,7 / P 0,9 /P 1,2
    / P 1,5 / P 1,9
  • The size of the room: 608*342 mm
  • Viewing angle: 180 degrees
  • Color depth : 22 bits

High quality and innovative technologies

Technology : MacroShield (the most secure technology: the number of broken pixels decreased by 5 times compared to other technologies on the market)
• Adjustable brightness.
• Rich colors and the ability to reproduce 125% of the NTSC color gamut thanks to IdealsVision technology
• High contrast ratio 25000:1
• InnerBody technology
• GreenPRO Technology

Ease of use

• Commonly used resolution 16:9
• Pixel-to-pixel resolution
• magnetic front-end service technology
• Panels made of high quality cast aluminum

At the peak of innovation

The most advanced type of encapsulation: MacroShield
• Better impact resistance: unlike conventional SMD screens, MacroShield technology can withstand a 10 kg impact, which is 3 times more than conventional SMD(1.5 kg)
• CalmWashing and CalmStatic technology
Viewing angle 180

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Module sizesdsdsdssdsdssdsdsds
Panel sizesdsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsds
Input voltage
Brightness (NIT)
Image contrast
RGB coverage
Refresh rate
Color temperature, K
Viewing angle, horizontal
Viewing angle, vertical
Led type
Frame rate
Color depth
Type of service
The lifetime of led
Protection class
Panel weight
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
Power consumption, (max)
Power consumption, (medium)
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Professional panels are led screens for indoor installation that are characterized by high image quality — from 2K and higher. We use the most modern and reliable components in their production. The panels themselves are silent (there are no fans in the design, the heat sink is provided by the Cabinet geometry), have a high refresh rate of at least 3840 Hz for high image quality during video recording, high color uniformity and contrast, which provide the clearest image.