Interactive LED floor DS-PANNO series

Interactive LED floor DS-PANNO series

  • Pixel pitch: 2.9 — 8.9
  • Panel size: 500*500, 500*1000
  • Viewing angle: 160°
  • For both rental and fix installation
  • Weight bearing 1.5ton/sqm
  • IP68

High quality and innovative technologies

Public attention 100%

The ability to install the screen even on uneven floors

Possibility to create an interactive led floor

The ability to create led screen of any configuration (triangular, round, segment, etc.)

Silent operation

Low power consumption

The low weight of the screen

  • Led floors of the DS-PANNO series are designed for use in night clubs, exhibitions, presentations, entertainment shows instead of the usual “boring” floors.

    By installing these floors, you will immediately transform your event. Due to the fact that you can put in any content, your floor can become both a sandy beach and a forest path.

    At the same time, these floors can be interactive, which means they will respond to the steps because they already have a built-in sensor and do not need to install anything else.
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Makk Vision creative led screens are presented in a wide variety.
The led video floor will help you to decor any event with a magical visual accompaniment.
These led video walls are interactive floor panels with a special motion sensor and a protective coating on the surface.