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DS-FLEXO series screens based on flexible modules have a silicone base and a flexible printed circuit Board that allows it to bend at different angles. Flexible modules are the ideal solution for screens with rounded lines,which gives a great scope for any designer’s ideas. This type of screen attracts huge audience attention due to its futuristic appearance, and a wide choice of pixel pitch will allow you to choose exactly the solution that suits you.

  • Pixel pitch: P 1,5 / P 1,8 / P 2 /P 2,5
    / P 3 / P 4
  • The dimensions of the Cabinet: any under the order
  • Viewing angle: 160 degrees
  • Color depth : 16-bit

High quality and innovative technologies

• Многослойная печатная плата по технологии DobleDuo, которая увеличивает стабильность работы модуля на более чем 70% по сравнению с другими технологиями
• Технология обработки изображения FutureMagic позволит Вам насладиться самой широкой палитрой цветов
• Возможны любые формы и покрытие почти любой поверхности: ленты, волны, цилиндры и многое другое
• Доступен изгиб на 120 градусов
• Отсутствие отклеивающихся углов за счет применения специальных магнитов Alfost и высококачественного компаунда

Ease of use

• Commonly used resolution 16:9
• Pixel-to-pixel resolution
• magnetic front-end service technology
• Panels made of high quality cast aluminum

At the peak of innovation

Viewing angle 160 degrees

Pixel pitch240*122mm
Module size
Panel size
Input voltage
Brightness (NIT)
Image contrast
RGB coverage
Refresh rate
Color temperature, K
Viewing angle, horizontal
Viewing angle, vertical
Led typeCommercial 3 in 1 SMD
Frame rate
Color depth
Type of service
The lifetime of led
Protection class
Panel weight
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
Power consumption, (max)
Energy consumption, (among)
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Professional panels are led screens for indoor installation that are characterized by high image quality — from 2K and higher. We use the most modern and reliable components in their production. The panels themselves are silent (there are no fans in the design, the heat sink is provided by the Cabinet geometry), have a high refresh rate of at least 3840 Hz for high image quality during video recording, high color uniformity and contrast, which provide the clearest image.